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So proud to live in America. God Bless those that fight for our freedom everyday I am so thankful for all of them and their families! I truly mean this. So often people just walk past people in the military but how often do you stop and say thanks. Heck, even keep walking and say thanks as you pass. They’ll know what you mean and I”m sure it would mean a lot and it takes what, 2 seconds to say it. This is a big thing I try and instill in my kids. We finally had the chance to go to the air show put on at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base after three years of having no air show and five years since the Thunderbirds flew for the show here. WOW! Such an amazing demonstration of what they can do and truly moving to watch them fly high in the sky. That’s freedom right there and I LOVE IT and I’m thankful for it.
everyone there to help with the show was so great letting the boys look around all the jets, helicopters, etc and answer their millions of questions.
Dillon was a hoot. He wanted so badly to take pictures but his ears are so sensitive he was having trouble. He convinced dad to plug his ears so he could get some shots. Later when looking at my pictures he informed me that “this” was the shot he was trying to get but that the planes were too fast for him and the sun got in his eyes:
May you always soar high. Thank You

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  1. dillon is so cute! we always get ear plugs for those shows, they’re crazy loud.

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