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I’m excited to show you all these new journals I am now offering! These will make great gifts for family too, you can add any of your images to the cover and I will custom do the back to flow with your image. There beautiful well made journals come with a pretty ribbon to hold your spot too!
Ideas for journals:
Grandparents * Parents * You canmake one for each kid to write special notes to them in or funny things they say * Create one for your kids to have as a diary * create one for a newborn to write their milestones in. The possibilities are endless.
Oh yes, the best part? Just $25!

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digital special

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My little one has arrived! We welcomed our sweet baby girl Pepper Jane on the 14th of June! We are enjoying her to pieces, including her brothers. Life is good!

Now that my little one has arrived and I’m feeling great, look for a special coming this week for August sessions! If you want an email sent to you as soon as I post specials this year, drop me a message on the contact me section on here or just let me know at leah@

Itching To Photograph, But Promised Hubby I’d Wait For August | tucson family and children’s photographer | leah simmers photography

So with our 4th on the way any day now I promised hubby I’d stop photographing for just a bit. I think all my crazy jumping around, laying on the ground and all makes him nervous that I’ll put myself into labor early. Or maybe it’s that we have 3 boys and he is nervous about the arrival of a girl this time! So, keep in mind August is when sessions will start back up with the holidays very quickly following behind so book early. While I’m not doing sessions now you can still drop me an email or call and we can set up a date. I will be running some specials too for the upcoming months too, if you’re looking for something in particular let me know thru email, on here or on my facebook fan page.
Of course I can’t leave a post without images so here are some I took of my boys recently, the last of them as 3 before the little Miss arrives and they are 4 and no longer just, “the boys”:
How a little girl will fit into this, oh my, we shall see:

The Heat Is On Special | leah simmers photography | tucson photographer


Limited TIme Offer Special: Why, because it’s getting hot and I will be taking off June-August with baby #4 on the way!
The options: A) session for $75 ( a savings of $50, no images included in session fee ) Option B) session $499 ( included cd of 25 images and a heart collage print 12×12 size, savings of $800 )
Details: session for child/children to take place in April or May - Session to be booked by April 9, 2011 – Email me to book your session or call 661.5574
must mention “heat is on special” when booking.

A New Addition To The Site | leah simmers photography | Tucson Children’s Photographer

Doing a little remodeling around here, but not too much. Starting with this little fella you will see around the site, blog and in some packaging. Can you name this little one?
blog ollie in bubble

The awesome April Rosburg illustrated him.

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Yes, it’s a crazy canvas sale for a limited time. No, this is not normal but since my canvas company who is beyond awesome in the work they do is cutting a deal, I’m doing the same for you. Fact is, I want you to see these and have these AH-MA-ZING canvas’ in your house too for you to love and ooh and ahh over as much as I do and my other clients who have purchased. So if you have been thinking about it but hanging on the fence thinking it was too pricey, well now is the time, another deal will not hit this awesome. 50% off select canvas’ ! Oh yes, I just typed fifty off, you saw that right! This offer ends at midnight April 29th. If you have any questions just email me at or you can use the contact page on top
The following will be offered in this special:
bcanvas price scoop

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I’m excited to show you a fabulous new product coming to you from Leah Simmers Photography!! Did I mention I love this one!? Let me introduce to you: LET ME COUNT THE WAYS This is offered as a mounted print, standout and my all time favorite and recommendation, the canvas. What a fabulous way to showcase so many fun images from your session! The background color can be changed to make it really pop in your own home to match a wall or provide an accent color. These start at a 20×20 size and go up to 40×40, now there’s a statement!
bevens wrap post

A Time For Change, Excitement, and a New Day | leah simmers photography

I have returned! I know you’re probably thinking, oh she finally returned to her blog. Well, that too, but I just arrived back from WPPI in Vegas, aka: big ‘ol photography convention and trade show. I’m so happy I decided to go once again this year. I have to say for some odd reason I was on the fence about going at first but in the end I realize I jumped on the right side of the fence in going! I went in hopes of gaining inspiration, vision, new ideas, new products, new friends, seeing old friends, and a darn good time ( it is Vegas ). Well, I came back a happy girl, I got that and a whole lot more. Typically I’m happy if I go to a convention or a workshop and come back with one ” ah ha ” moment. Lucky Me, I had lots of these moments! It started out on Sunday when I arrived into the fabulous Las Vegas in the early morning strictly so I could be in time to see the fabulous Audrey Woulard. Now Audrey, yes, she’s a rockstar and a sweetheart all in one. I won’t forget getting to see her last last year and when I went up to say hi after she spoke she said she knew who I was and called me by name. I was in complete shock when she had said this. Me, how could she know who I was I thought. Well she made my week and I had run up to my room to call my husband to tell him that, “thee” Audrey Woulard said she knew who I was. ( I still wonder how she had any clue who I was, I think she might have gotten a peek at my name badge, I don’t know, but I was excited! ) Then this year I come back to hear her speak again. She was the main one on my list, the must see for me and anyone else would just be a bonus I had told myself. LIstening to her again I was inspired, again! I waited again after her class to say hi ( sadly for us photographers, this happens to be our once a year opportunity to see each other when we come to Vegas ). So like I said, I waited, and well, I waited some more, and some more. Yes, she’s a popular little lady and her line was long. I was close there was one more group ahead of me. They chit chatted awhile and the group of very excited happy go lucky ladies looked back and saw me waiting, ” oh no sorry, you’ve been waiting, you can come talk to her”, they let me know. Audrey quickly replied as she threw her hand out, ” oh she can wait she’s fine, we’re friends, we’ll chat awhile” Oh my, I was all giddy again. ( I know, I’m a dork ) But guess what . . . this time I don’t doubt, she knew who I was :) This time I also don’t doubt that I can call her my friend. Heck she lets me bother her when I don’t know what do with my little Ollie’s unruly hair! * * * *
Monday came and I had some tough decisions to make. I have to say, the amount of talented people that speak at the convention and the amount of them that all speak at the same time make it hard in choosing which class you will go to. After going back and forth between many wonderful speakers I finally decided on hearing the fabulous Gerry Ghionis. Ah-Mazing! I had heard he was inspiring and thought, ” who can’t use some inspiration ” well I think everyone was thinking the same thing. The room for 1800 people very quickly filled up while many still waited outside the door hoping to get in. After listening to Gerry speak on how he photographs what he looks for, his album development, and his humor he added to his talk, I understood why so many left his classes with such high praise of him. * * * * At this point I was pretty excited. I knew I could leave the convention satisfied because I didn’t just have 1 great class but I had 2. Remember if I leave with one “ah ha” moment I’m good to go but I now had two full classes of ” ah ha” moments, I was feeling set! * * * * I was happy, I was satisfied with what I had gotten out of the convention. I have to say I had no idea what I was still in for though. To think there was a class that evening that I didn’t even think I was going to go to at first. I went back and forth on if I would or not and frankly I locked my key in my room earlier so I wasn’t going back to the room so I figured I might as well hit up another class. I have to tell you. I’m a very strong believer that things happen for a reason. On this night I believe I was meant to lock my key in my room. The class I am speaking of was given by the beautiful, and when I say beautiful I really whole heartedly mean beautiful inside and out, Jasmine Star. When I go to these classes I expect to get photography related help. This class gave me more than I was expecting. I have to start by telling you it has been a bit of a rough year for me. See, this is the year I hit 30. Once I hit 30 I couldn’t help but wonder where I’m headed exactly. Also in hitting 30 I’ve realized how much I haven’t been enough of “me” cause I’m too shy to bring that out to most people in the beginning. I know, I know, those that know me are thing, shy, yah right. But, if I don’t know you I typically get that way to start, granted if you come up and say hi to me first or after I get to know you, you won’t be able to keep me quiet. Anyhow, I end up in Jasmine’s class and while she speaks she tells us a lot about herself, but not in a bragging or this is how I do it kind of way. She talks to let us in to know about her. She explains to us that it’s good to let people know a bit about you and not just “business” you. Many times you can go to a class, hear advice and think, ” well maybe it works for you but not sure it’s true.” THis time is different. I’m sitting there listening to her and while she talks I truly find I’m connecting with her. She speaks about herself and she becomes real and not afraid to tell us about herself. All too often I know I hide from the real me, or from letting people know how I feel. I guess it’s the fear of what people will think or say but as she talks I connect with her and realize there are so many similarities. She explains how we should really just be ourselves, be different by being you cause we are all unique. Too often we all try to fit into a mold. It’s true though, you are special because you are YOU and not like everyone else. Each one of us is unique. Whether we let people see how we are unique is up to us. Jasmine stood on her stage ( I call it her stage because she owned it, she stood there proud and true to herself ) she had no problem telling us she is afraid of the dark, ( hey wait I thought, that’s me too! I guess I assumed I was always the only one, yes I bring night lights to hotels) She explained a story of her first convention and her first night there which I very easily related to. It made her real, this made me connect with her and realize first hand she was right on what she was speaking about. Oddly at the same time I realized I was getting life lesson. I was learning that while I just turned 30 I needed to get out there and live and BE ME, not a mold. I needed to stop hiding and that if I want to succeed in something I have to reach out for it, it won’t come to me. To succeed I must fail and still move on from that. I can sit there and do nothing because I’m afraid of failing or I can take life head on and learn from whatever failures come my way. All I can say to that now, is, ” Bring It! ” * * * * You will slowly start to notice some changes coming to. I’m going to try and blog more often, some business, some life, and some goodies I find along the way. I’m also hoping to get my blog and website more “me” soon. Now to figure out how I turn it all into a happy, go lucky picture taking cupcakes eating look of goodness, ha ha! Anyhow if you made it this far thru my post, you rock! Here is a sneak peek into a blog post coming later this week. Make sure to leave comments, I love them! :)


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Oh my goodness, I’m seriously jumping out of my seat with excitement. Ok, I’m not jumping at the moment but if you could see the huge grin on my face and see the giddiness that is all over me you would get it. I just found out I have been picked as Blu’s Girl of the Year!! Who’s Blu you ask? Bludomain is only the most fabulous website company ever who caters to photographers. Yes, not only their websites, but their team of people rock.
Picture 6
Congrats to Ray Santana who was chosen for the Blu Guy of the Year! Go check him out here Check out Blu’s blog here for not only fun photog stuff but the fabulous holiday favorites and finds that have been shown all over the blog lately.