A Peek into this weeks UMC memorial

Here’s a peek into the UMC memorial from this week. While one of my little guys was out of school not feeling well we decided to stop by, have a look and a little education at the same time.

Memorial Day | leah simmers photography | tucson photographer

Sending out thanks to all those that served and have served for our country and keeping those in our thoughts who have passed, fighting for our country. I am so thankful for all of you and your families who have stood by you. You don’t get enough thanks for all you do. Please take teh time to stop and explain this day to your children for what it really means and not just a day of for a BBQ. My kids seriously crack me up on a daily basis with the things they say and do. They truly amaze me all the time. They are all very much all about America! Sure, that sounds like an odd statement but my oldest is the one that will make sure that the pledge is always being said when he is around and if something has an American flag on it, he wants it! Out where we live there is a car dealership that has a huge flag flying outside the dealership, desert Toyota, my kids LOVE this flag. I’m sure they probably just thought to put a flag up but when my kids see it, the flag brings them so much joy. Heck, I love it too. The kids and I love nothing more than to drive by on a windy day to see the flag blowing in the wind ( I can honestly say I drive that way home on purpose on those days because I know how giddy it makes them and I love to hear their happiness ) Here is a quick snap shot below from my phone that I took of it while we passed the other day. Now if you could have heard my kids as we passed, my 7 year old simply says from the backseat as we near the flag, ” it’s gorgeous!”, then my 5 year old quickly replies, ” It’s more better than chocolate.” You know I was thinking, he’s right!

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin | Tucson photographer | leah simmers photography

Spring is in the air and it’s time for planting! Hubby has been wanting to plant a tree for awhile in the back and we finally decided to give it a try again this weekend ( we have failed a few times in the past, although we came to realize that was because we never dug a big enough hole ). So after much thought we finally ended up bringing home a grapefruit tree. Now if only I knew how much joy this tree would bring already. It started when the people working at the nursery told us to dig a hole 3-4ft x 3-4ft big. So the hole was dug and filled with some fresh soil and water of course. Now what goes with water and dirt? Boys of course! Well ,y two little ones at least. Who am I kidding, my oldest wouldn’t dare get near the dirt, too messy for him. He actually spent an hour or so being mad with me cause I informed his two younger brothers that they could try and toss him in the hole too. Lucky for him, he is fast as lightening! Here are a few captures from my two youngest having the time of their life playing in the mud happy as can be.
bboys mud 2
bboys mud1
“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. ” V. Shoffstall

The Fair Is In Town!! | leah simmers photography | tucson family photographer

Super excited cause the fair is in town which means fun areas to capture images, cotton candy, fun, cotton candy, oh did I say cotton candy already :) I had a great time at the fair capturing this awesome family! I was lucky enough to photograph them two years ago also and it was even more fun photographing them this time. Mom rocks, she brings a bag with a boatload, yes a boatload of clothes and accessories for me to pick from. Now I’m kicking myself for not taking a photograph of all the fun stuff she brought so I could show you. Then to also finally get to photograph a little girl in Matilda Jane attire, super exciting too!! Mom also has an awesome blog, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out big time!! She has all the coolest items for parents to know about for their kiddos so if you haven’t check it out here Anyhow, I present to you the awesome family who is as sweet as pie:
. she started out a bit shy but later a bit of cotton candy brought out her spunkiness :)
. decided to give a few of these a bit of an Anthropologie feel
. I love the happiness in this one:

So Proud To Live Where We Do | tucson photographer | tucson air show | leah simmers photography

So proud to live in America. God Bless those that fight for our freedom everyday I am so thankful for all of them and their families! I truly mean this. So often people just walk past people in the military but how often do you stop and say thanks. Heck, even keep walking and say thanks as you pass. They’ll know what you mean and I”m sure it would mean a lot and it takes what, 2 seconds to say it. This is a big thing I try and instill in my kids. We finally had the chance to go to the air show put on at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base after three years of having no air show and five years since the Thunderbirds flew for the show here. WOW! Such an amazing demonstration of what they can do and truly moving to watch them fly high in the sky. That’s freedom right there and I LOVE IT and I’m thankful for it.
everyone there to help with the show was so great letting the boys look around all the jets, helicopters, etc and answer their millions of questions.
Dillon was a hoot. He wanted so badly to take pictures but his ears are so sensitive he was having trouble. He convinced dad to plug his ears so he could get some shots. Later when looking at my pictures he informed me that “this” was the shot he was trying to get but that the planes were too fast for him and the sun got in his eyes:
May you always soar high. Thank You

We Take What We Can Get | leah simmers photography | Tucson family photographer

When it comes to water that is. Ok, so it’s the little things that make us happy. We can find a puddle and as long as we can jump our feet right in and make a splash, well, why not. On this weekend we were in for way more than a foot sized puddle. We had recently had a lot of rain which isn’t too common for Tucson. In the past we have gone out hiking to Sabino Canyon and the kids have loved this little area where we would walk over a bridge kinda thing and jump down and play in the little bit of water that there was. Usually it involved skipping rocks and water that would cover our five year olds feet just to his ankles. Like I said though, it had been raining a lot any we had heard thru the grapevine that there was LOTS of water at Sabino and too just make sure to hang onto the little ones. Holy Moly we had heard right! As we were getting closer to the spot we love we could hear the water rushing. Couldn’t see the water yet, but we heard it. Then suddenly there it was. Oh no, not just the little area under the bridge, that area was filled, so high that it went over the bridge to the other side. If my little man was in their now he’d almost be covered. So we heard the water would go up to our knees and be numbingly cold. You’d think knowing might be enough, but no way, we wanted to feel the burn. Ok maybe not everyone but I did. I stepped one foot in and quickly jumped out, it was freezing!! I envisioned the polar swim in Canada for a moment. My husband then told me I’d never make it across this bridge to the other side. What, is he kidding, is he really telling me I can’t do it. That’s it, game on! In my head I tell myself, ” this is the amazing race, you must do it ” and you know what, I DID! Sure I couldn’t feel my feet for a minute but hey I did it. Then I did it again and again and again. Somehow going back and forth thru the numbing cold and pull of the water became amusing to me. I know, probably not a good thing. The kids would go a few feet in on their own but to go across they had to be held by us or hold our hands. Here we have Cal beating his feet to bring back the feeling:
We were going to try for a family picture with the kiddos grandma and pa who came to visit but one of my rugrats got “cold feet” while waiting for everyone to get in position:
And I must say, just as fun as going thru was watching other people going thru the water. Of course we were not really out there just watching people we just “happened” to be eating our lunch at that very spot. We were not obvious at all! It was a riot though, you had a few types of people: those that walk up and do an about face right away, those that stand there and ponder it with those they came with, those that walk up take their shoes off and go thru to continue on their hike and then those who don’t flench don’t skip a step and just go thru shoes and all ( oh and I mean even in their sneakers ) Granted the current pulled a bit and there were little uneven spots so not everyone made it thru without getting more than they bargained for wet. Here are my kids as they are super stealth like sly as they watch people cross:

Just Right | leah simmers photography | Tucson children’s photographer

The weather has been insane out here lately. Seriously, it’s not normal to get a Tornado watch in Tucson of all places. I always thought all we had to worry about was the heat. So for us we aren’t used to these things and what you’re really supposed to do, but . . . We do know that little man made a kite at school the other day and has been dying to fly it, so. . . yes we flew it :) We tried anyway and had a good time trying. I’ve actually never even flown a kite, yikes, that’s pretty bad, so I made him wait on his dad to help set him up. He was excited just dragging it around a little and luckily we didn’t break it at all so we can try again on another day when it’s a little less windy :)
” In the right light, at the right time. everything is extraordinary ” – Aaron Rose

Happy New Year | leah simmers photography

Wishing all an amazing New Year full of all things wonderful and things that have never been! Hugs to all new and old friends. I’m so thankful for all the new clients I have had the opportunity to work with this year and gaining as friends at the same time. You are all so amazing and I look forward to getting to know you all more and meeting many more new friends.
bcnye765 5x7 copy

A Quick Few | Tucson Children’s Photographer | leah simmers photography

While out and about the other day I finally decided to stop and get a few quick images of my boys. Yes, quick, they jumped out of the car, I snapped some images in about 7 minutes and then we were on our way. I had been eyeing this building for awhile now down the street from me and have been wanting to get some of the kids in front of it. So here we have my kiddos, 100% all them.